What’s missing from your life?

Brad Thor is one of my favorite authors.

And I love the way this “Meet Brad Thor” video starts out with him saying, “No, I wasn’t always an author … but I knew that that was missing from life.”

Is there something missing from your life?  Have you put your finger on it?

Watch this 2-min video on Brad’s wild, unexpected ride to becoming an Author.  Then ask yourself … as Brad did … “What would you regret on your death bed never having done?”

Anything come to mind?

If so.  Take ONE step toward “it” right now.  Just one step.  Maybe it’s making a phone call. Or mapping out the budget you’ll need to do “it.”

For me, it’s writing another 500 words (minimum) today.

No matter what “it” is … start moving toward “it” and all providence will move in your direction to help you make it happen.

It did for Brad … and it will for you.

Also … if you are a writer.  I like the one nugget where Brad say’s “One of the worst pieces of advice that writers get is ‘write what you know’ … [WRONG].  Brad think’s you should write what you love to read.

I think it’s great advice.    So if your a writer … go write what you love to read.  And for any of you non-writers … go do what you love to do.  Don’t wait.  Time is ticking. Do it now.

And if you did do something after reading this post.  Leave me a note in the comments.  I’d love to hear what you did.